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Clinical psychology

Mireia Lugar is the Psychologist and Nutritionist who collaborates in our center giving support and improving the quality of life of our respiratory patients.

The most common problems she treats are: addictions, anxiety problems, depression, grief, TCA, behavioral disorders, perinatal grief, postpartum depression, fertility problems. She offers face-to-face and / or online visits, in individual therapy modality.

Mireia Lugar provides psychonutrition support (accompanying patients with eating disorders, anxiety…)

In the sessions, the relationship with food is worked on in order to break harmful links that make it impossible for the person to eat in a conscious and balanced way, both with the body and with the mind. Guidelines are also given to reduce states of stress and anxiety at mealtime, organization, activation of consciousness. We help the person learn to relate positively to food and eat correctly physically and emotionally.

The visits help mainly in:

  • ​Have a better relationship with food
  • Establish healthier patterns with food, body image, general health habits…
  • Working on complicated situations that connect us with food directly or indirectly.
  • ​Work on identification and resolution of emotional hunger
  • Breaking established behavior patterns around food (risk behaviors, compulsive eating patterns, inappropriate food choices, disordered eating habits in general.
Psychonutrition sessions

Next, we detail the prices of psychonutrition:


1 session


  • ​Number of sessions: 1
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Type of visit: Clinic visit


2 sessions


  • Number of sessions: 2
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Type of visit: Clinic visit
Nutrition + psychology offer packs

These are our nutrition + psychology packs and offers:


Premium Pack


  • 2 nutritionist sessions (1st + follow-up)
  • 2 psychology sessions
  • Type of visit: Clinic visit


Medium Pack


  • 2 nutritionist sessions (2 follow-ups)
  • 2 psychology sessions
  • Type of visit: Clinic visit